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Competitive powerlifter, father, sports and injury therapist as well as strength coach.
I am fortunate to have worked with all demographics from clients with zero exercise experience to world class record holding athletes.

Having said that, my specialty is strength athletes i.e powerlifters, strongmen/women, bodybuilders etc.

I work in a hybrid style between online and in clinic. I’m a big believer in using movement and resistance style exercises to manage, improve and resolve pain or discomfort as well as improving performance.

I also do traditional manual therapy skills i.e sports massage, dry needling etc.

Marica MaGuire - Competitive NIPF Athlete

“After dealing with back pain for 7+ months, I was recommended by fellow powerlifters to book a consultation call with TJ. From this first call I knew TJ was the man to get me back on the platform. After 4 weeks of rehab exercises and plenty of encouragement, I was back lifting heavy with a lot more confidence. I couldn’t recommend him enough!."
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